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i got out, i got out, i’m alive and i’m here to stay.

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Lorde By Chris Nicholls (Fashion Magazine) [x]

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Drawn on 30th May

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"Necesito de alguien que venga a luchar a mi lado sin ser llamado. Alguien lo suficientemente amigo cómo para decirme las verdades que no quiero oír, aún sabiendo que puedo irritarme. Por eso, en este mundo de indiferentes, necesito de alguien que crea en esa cosa misteriosa, desacreditada y casi imposible: ¡LA AMISTAD!."


Charles Chaplin.

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"Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone"

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IN REMEMBRANCE:   Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin

April 16, 1889 - December 25, 1977

I present Charles Chaplin through the decades: from the age of 10 - 80’s

36 years ago today the world lost a Legend - The greatest artist to come out of Hollywood, he created an immortal character in “the little tramp” that was and still is loved the world over.

 Charles Chaplin was also an amazing man, he thought outside the box, did not go along with the masses, he was his own man, he thought for himself even if that caused him trouble such as going into exhile after the poor treatment given him by the United States.

Though wealthy he never forgot where he came from, he quite often went back to where he grew up as a poor child in Victorian England:

Charlie Chaplin is a Legend,  An Icon, Was ahead of his time & For the Ages.


Great ! *-* 


"No hay nada permanente en este malvado mundo, ni siquiera nuestros problemas."

-Charles Chaplin


"And you find out that people are very nice and that they care about you even if the person you can about most doesn’t."

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Robert Plant backstage at the Bath Festival, 1970.

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Ian Curtis.

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